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Humanity is looking for alternatives and this book offer these abundantly
April 19, 2022: "(This is for both books): Very clear, systematic and original written and an addition to my work with people who (want to) come to Love. 5000 year of patriarchal societies has brought us to a tipping point where the dominant way of living and fighting is not viable anymore. Outdated mankind is looking for alternatives and this book offer these abundantly. The ‘female’ principles of creativity and receptivity, intuition and connection are passed as counterbalance against all destructive powers, which have already caused so much suffering. It's not that the 'male' principle is not good, but it should be grounded in and born from the female, so it can go beyond both poles. After reading follows living to give society Heart again and to develop a universal consciousness in which our full potential can be developed. Thank for this gift."
= Naropa - spiritueel kunstenaar

Respect - by far the most interesting book I ever read
April 8, 2022: "By far the most interesting bok I ever read. I am in speachless admiration for the way she knows to explain complex things in a simple way, and that in beautiful language. Respect!"
= Greet Vanlaer, Nieuwrode, op - 5 sterren

Accessible and neutral written, it helps with my communication with others
October 14, 2019: "Your work resonates a lot with me. Thank you very much for all your work; the dedication to study everything so profoundly, to explain everything so clearly and with powerful language and to finally write books about it. In my opinion a brilliant work! The books help me already with my communication with others, for example when we talk about what are good and healthy choices (choices which are constructive and supportive for Life) or to be able to explain truly a holistic view of the reality. I also like the fact that it is so accessible and neutral written. Because of that it is possibe to talk about it with people from different belief systems or cultures (I am able to do that at the moment quite well). I consider that as something very important!"
= Barbara de Ligt

I never saw things worked out so completely

September 17, 2019: "I have read your book "The Whole Elephant Revealed" with much interest. I am really glad with the book. I feel seen, from my experiences as child to my journey through life, "forced" to adapt, but always searching for something I seemed to have lost. Also for someone like "me" who trained for years in advaita there was enough in the book to enjoy. Advaita brought me a lot, also because I could not find anything "better", but I did experience it always as something rather mental and missed the "heart".
For me your book is particularly special because you take a lot of time over the feminine part of the universe. I never saw things worked out so completely (especially in Dutch and I did read a lot of pages in my life). Your book also is a great waking-up and activator. When I bicycle in the morning with my dog, the insights tumble through me, almost fighting to be "seen". Very special! Thank you once more."
= Tjinta Janssen

This book had a profound influence on my spiritual awakening
1 september 2019: This book had a profound influence on my spiritual awakening because of my personal wanting to involve my ratio and intellect into the process.
= Jan Broux at goodreads

What a wisdom, insight and illumination

November 5, 2018: "Through a client your book ‘The Whole Elephant Revealed’ came under my attention. I enjoyed immensely reading your profound and versatile book and am still doing that every day. What a wisdom, insight and illumination of 'how it works', who we are and what we have to do here. I recommand the book to everyone I am talking to recently."
= Tjerk Lerou - Lean Change Evangelist and Verander Coach

Required reading for everyone who wants to fathom reality
October 15, 2018: "A very complete and thorough description of the seven universal laws. Marja de Vries uses knowledge from almost all wisdom traditions from all over the world. World religions as well as archeology and indigenous peoples. Besides that, she founds her propositions on extensive scientific research of the last 30-40 years. As a result every law does have a description that is appealing for your own frame of reference and touches a deeper knowing because of that."
= Jolien op - 5 sterren

The book offers a founded perspective on reality
March 9, 2018: "With great joy and a feeling of recognition I am reading your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed'. I read very slowly :) to be able to let it quietly sink in. The book offers a new perspective on reality founded on spiritual traditions as well as science, and the whole get across as very sensible to me. Other books I sometimes have experienced as pushy, woolly or they left me with al lot of questions."
= Louise van der Stok

A rich teaching
September 21, 2017:"Reading 'The Whole Elephant Revealed' I have experienced as a rich teaching. How beautiful it was to slowly but surely get more insights into the seven universal laws. I absolutely am an alpha-person, so the more bèta-side of the book sometimes was a little difficult for me. But I was determined to understand it and in the end it's persistence that accomplishes. Slowly but surely I am getting an image of what you writes."
= Iris van Liere, teacher

September 8, 2017:
"I like to epress my thankfulness for your work. It is so liberating to read something that gives me an inspirational spark: Yes. At the same time you open the realization that there is more, that we are just only seeing the tip of the iceberg of a mystery and that we ourselves are a great part of that mystery. You have reawakened that joyful and wondering inner child.  And at the same time I realize how powerful each of us is, as long as we stay close to ourselves... You gives our world color and hope. Thank you very much."
= Lieve Vanderstappen

The book has enriched my life
August 28, 2017: " I just finished reading your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed'. What a special reading experience that was, marvellous! I want to heartily compliment you on the book. It has enriched my life.
= Lies

The more often I read it, the better I understand it and the more enthousiastic I become!
May 14, 2017: "Your books give me a broader insight into myself and the world, they make my world bigger. I Love to see how everthing is connected to everything else.  Your book Societies in Balance I have not yet read completely, but I did read The Whole Elephant Revealed several times and each time it fascinated me again. Last year I took the book with me on holiday. We had 4 days and nights of nonstop rain. I curled up on the couch with The Whole Elephant Revealed and was so touched by it again that I realized that the rain was nothing less than a blessing. For me, your books have a similar value as the books by Deepak Chopra. The more I read them, the better I understand them and the more enthousiastic I become."
= Elly Voskuilen, Almere

A new bible
March 22, 2017: "My new bible. A great book. It has touched a deep spot in me. We don't learn to live in correspondence with the Universal Laws at school but that should be the case. I now understand more about life and are able to experience it differently. The sequel: Societies in Balance also is a must read."
= Annehuub
at - 5 stars

My bible
March 13, 2017: "I have read the book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed' several times during thelast years abd understand more and more. It is my bible. I am writing a course for people why want to be a horse coach and use for this the universal laws and the principle of the Golden Ratio. And also, you are so respectful towards education and science."
= Yvonne Smit

Receiving so much guidance from this book
February 13, 2017: "I have received so much and still receive so much guidance from your work.  I am fascinated still and still re-reading over and over as I apply the wisdom every day it is vast! Much gratitude!" 
= Carole Gardiner

Surprising, an other dimension!

November 1, 2016: "It gives you other insights that widen your view, beautiful!"
= MTSimone op - 5 sterren

Inspiring and consciousness-expanding
October 4, 2016: "If there are universal rules and laws for everyone and everything on earth and the universe, then this book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed' by Marja de Vries makes this very plausible through the clear explanation and many references. The book is an enrichment for someone who wants to expand his or her consciousness and wants to know more about why we as an individual can be so different sometimes, but at the same time can say that we are all made out of the same 'stuff' (vibration). And that we might be able to influence results with our thoughts and concentration. After reading this book you will be able to give your answers to this kind of questions."
= T. J. C. van den Blink op - 5 sterren

The book gives language to things and connects isolated parts of insight
August 30, 2016: "Very often I pick up this book... It gives language to things I know, connects isolated parts of insight for me. In my work I recognize many of the principles you describe. I want to thank you very much for all the life energy you have put into this jewel. I think it bears many good fruit. With deep gratitude."
Eva Susan van der Ploeg

I have enjoyed reading your beautiful book "The Whole Elephant Revealed"! Excellent!

November 18, 2015: "What did I enjoy reading your beautiful book "The Whole Elephant Revealed"! Excellent! Thank you very much. Many people already suggested me to read the book. I had read already a lot (Sogyal, Tolle, Jaworski, Kubler-Ross, etc), but I wanted to know more about the universal laws etc. What you said about love, the law of attraction, our soul purpose, give and receive (balance), feeling and ratio etc etc. Spot on – lots of recognition."
= Bert van Dam

Intuitively it feels as the insight so many people are looking for
November 16, 2015: "Direct after the publication I read your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed', well, I 'devoured' it. It answered a lot of questions and felt intuitively as the insights so many people are looking for. I pick up the book quite regularly to deepen my knowledge and understanding of a certain subject."
= Anita Muller

This is my 'Bible'
November 16, 2015: "A few years ago I discovered your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed'. Since that moment it is my 'bible' and I recommand everyone to read it. I did learn a lot from it and think it is great how you have combined science and spirituality."
= Ella Overkleeft

Clear and well-organized
July 30, 2015: "A nice readable book, that all information available at the moment presents in a clear and well-organized way."
= Marlie Jungman op - 5 sterren

It discusses the Universal Truths in great depth and from multiple perspectives
July 3, 2015: "This book is so rich and so well put together. It discusses the Universal Truths in great depth and from multiple perspectives. It is a book that I will keep by my side. I love the wisdom that Marja De Vries has compiled and shared."
= Rowena Zabrodsky with five stars at

The universal principles described from a higher level
February 23, 2015: "I found your book Nur der ganze Elefant ist die Wahrheit in a library. I've been searching for universal principles for a very long time. A lot of books describe parts of them and are based on the need to simply believe them. For me your book describes the principles seen from a higher level which I like very much, so it's easier to let the mind and heart do things with the same direction. So thanks a lot for this inspiration."
= Pia Erning

A really beautiful work 
May 14, 2014: "Thank you so much for the depth and simplicity of your book which I have been reading for a year now. It has been wonderful to have the feeling of being able to put into perspective things I have always known but which are little talked about. You have done really beautiful work. Over this year  I have been recommending your book to French speakers and I do hope it will soon be available in French." 
= Suzie Reitsema, teacher of English and Biodanza in France

An excellent, well written and researched book
November 11, 2013: "This is a 'must' read for anyone wanting to develop into a fully rounded spiritual being. It is extremely well researched and written in clear, concise format. It draws pointers from all aspects of world religions and spiritual and scientific texts and is unbiased and non judgemental. A brilliant overview. I applaud Marja de Vries."
= Nicola J. Bradbury, on with 5 stars

Grateful for this book
September 23, 2013: "I am very grateful for this very beautiful book. Reading it was a great joy. I have read it slow, every evening 10 or 20 pages, to be able to enjoy it as fully and as long as possible. Ever since, very often I reflect the many insights this book has brought me. Also the rich bibliography and the numerous referencies to other authors have directed me to numerous new insights. My profession is teacher and I noticed that also in my classes refering to the universal laws helps me regularly to be able to explain things to my students in an understandable way. Therefore I like to thank you very much for the work that you have done! Thank you."
= Nikolas Cloet, teacher public/social administration, Belgium

An important asset
September 11, 2013: "I consider your book an important asset, because of four reasons: the content is interesting, it is an invitation to ask questions, the set-up is systematically and clear, and for me a joy of recognition on my path through the hermetic philosophy, with now also the connections to modern science.
When I discovered the book - or rather: when the book discovered me - I knew immediately that this was for me one of the keystones of the structure of knowledge and experience within the infinite field of the hermetic philosophy, with which I came in contact for the first time more than 50 years ago. This path still is of great influence on my life and work. Shortly, together with a little group of five women I will study and exercise your book, a treat I already am looking forward to. Take care, lots of silence and listening and then... writing!"
= Louise van Zanen bc. Supervisor, career advisor and course of life coach

Vibrant tool for those seeking to understand the energies and laws of the Univere through all religions and cultures!
September 1, 2013: "I love this book! It was recommended as part of a series of classes for Energy Medicine conducted by Lisa Murphy at the Fairhaven Healing Art Center, The ability to have the insight of Marja's work as she delves into all the indigenous cultures and for her to come up with the vital threads/energy lines that weave through the universe as creation and condense it into the Universal laws is amazing and I offer her my gratitude and thanks for this book! Finally someone tied it together and we now have a wonderful teaching tool to pass on!"
= Carole Martin at - 5 stars

Thank youfor making so many things transparant
July 20, 2013: "I gained very much insights by reading your book, I am still reading it and keep looking for the final revealing. So maybe for my 'own' vision of the 'whole elephant'! I have a great admiration for how all has been described in the book. Thank you for making so many thinks transparant. All the best with everything you are doing!"
= Angélique Hoogstraten

This book is such an inspiration!
May 23, 2013: "The Whole Elephant Revealed has gotten a special place in my life. Someone gave me this book saying 'You have to read this!' And yes, I had to read this! Finally there was a clear whole story, containing everything I in fact already did know but which I could not give the right place in my life, because I could not clearly put it into words or found it well enough. Especialy the connection between spirituality and science was a relief!! The Whole Elephant Revealed was for me the confirmation, the helping hand to actually be able to manifest in my physical life everything I experienced at a higher level and to experience after such a long time a feeling of completeness. And this way also my intuition - as well in my private life as in my professional life - has finally gotten the place it deserves. I want to express my deep gratitude for writing this book! And in particular for the courage to follow your heart and intuition during the whole process, which resulted in this beautiful image of the whole, which - without doubt - will be very valuable for many."
= Fija van der Spek, Intuitive coach

An important book: it clarifies so much
April 23, 2013: "What a great insightful and good readable book. And it clarifies so much. For me, it fills in vague assumptions. There are so many things of which I always suspected that they somehow had to be different. That there exist principles and systems we don't see. So I continue reading with a lot of interest. For me it is an important book, while I have not even finished it yet."
= Margriet Stel

Words. Many many words
February 6, 2013: "Why do we think it necessary things that can't be put into words, still to put into words? The result is a lot of theoretical 'gibberish', in which the author herself also get lost. Because all teachings are made up, meaning: they are - without exception - directly derived, from the sun. The Self. The fact that we are not able to give a correct - deep resonating - description of the operation of the universe, is only logical. It is a direct result of the way we are educated by the educational system and how we - with the same limited view - try to describe things of universal scale. Beside that, our language is our greatest obstacle. All the Law of Cause and Effect.
When you want to get to know above mentioned things, this book could be for you. Do you want to know how the universe is operating, just look very deep inside yourself and nowhere else. Everything you would like to tell about that to someone else is also futile: words break down everything and deform the Truth into a single choice. Your choice."
= AlexI at - 3 stars

A book to keep reading, everytime recognizing again something and then starting to live it...
November 11, 2012: "With very much interest I have read your book The Whole Elephant Revealed. It reads like an exciting story and you put into words so clearly the things that I 'feel' for myself already for a long time and could hardly find words for. How everything is connected to everything else and the vast Intelligence which underlies everything, is such a beautiful guide to life my day. It makes contacts with people special. It put things that happen in an other daylight. This way a walk in the forest is much richer... It helps to make the connection which I really need. Thank you very much for the beautiful book that leads to so many insights. It enriches my life and my work. Your book is an important fundation for a new way of working.
= Hannie Wiering, Inspirator & realisator of Het Nieuwe Werken 'You are more than your role'

So much of what you write about 'feels right'
October 8, 2012: "
Thank you! I am very much enjoying your book, The Whole Elephant Revealed. Funny how so much of what you write about 'feels right'."
= Matthew Sparkes, previously a teacher, currently a student of psychology

The book shows us and almost has us experience that everything is One indeed
September 27, 2012: "Your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed' was given to me by a friend in 2007. First I haveread bits and pieces bur soon it became a cherished book to use as a source. I used it within the context of the Foundation Philosophy and Meditation (SFM) where I already for 12 years facilitate womengroups. This year I wanted to clarify things and have read out loud parts from you book and studied it with the women. This was for several women a revelation. This year we decided to make it into a spiritual reading group, and we immediately decided upon 'The Whole Elephant Revealed'. Our intention is to go over the first ten chapters together. We will start in Januayi 2013 once a week with readings til the end of Juni so we can have at most 24 meetings to study your special book. The reading group is only for people who have attended meetings/teachings within the SFM for at least two or three years. They meditate, apply silence in their daily activities and wish to further develop themselves inwardly. Excatly therefore we have chosen your book! You combine the wisdomtraditions with the unversal laws and modern science in a way that has - as far as I know - not been done before. Especially now, with this greatest contribution of science, you show us and almost have us experience (but that is our own journey) that everything is One indeed."
= Jotten La Lau-van Heuven Goedhart

Everytime again it is a joy to read in your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed'
September 11, 2012: "Everytime again it is a joy to read in your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed'. And inspiring too! The book enriches my personal and professional life. Really great! I have recommanded your book already to many others. They also are very enthousiastic. And I will recommand your book in my newsletter which I write at the changing of the seasons with the title 'a corner of the veil', and in which I give a knowledge- book- and actiontip. As systemic coach for individuals and organisations I facilitate constellations. In your book you provide me words for this miraclous process. Thank you for that!"
= Marriet van Osch, VanOsch coaching supervision

A perspective that goes deeper than my deepest desire
August 29, 2012: "Thank you for your beautiful book. During the last years I have read about 350 books. Many of them were in the area's of spirituality, cosmology, quantumphysics, psychology, management, Maya calender and so on. I also have been introduced to many wisdom traditions from Zen to shamanism and a lot of what is in between these all I have personally experienced. With your book you have given me a summary of all I understood until now from a perspective that goes deeper than my deepest desire. I want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. With this masterwork you make my transformation into the next dimension permanent and you help me to deepen and anker these insights... Truely a gift of priceless value. I hope that this summary and the wisdom you are sharing with us one day will be generally accepted and that you will succeed in your mission to make these insights a standard part of our educational system".
= Simon van Dijk

A very enlightening book
12 augustus 2012: "For seekers interested where science and spirituality meet, a very enlightening book."
= Elisabeth at goodreads

Required reading for "Something-ists"
August 7, 2012: "During our holidays in Austria with the smell of firs all around and in the background the continuous sound of a mountainstream I have read the book “The Whole Elephant Revealed” to the end in a week. Like many others I am a "Something-ist" (I don't believe; but I do think that there is something between heaven and earth; more than the perceptible reality). The book gives words to many things the existence of which I already suspected. Many pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Also other inspiring books like "De Creatiespiraal" are in keeping with it seamlessly… Even Millan Cesar (Dog Whisperer) and the fictive Star Wars story ("The Force") get meaning... I still do have many questions though... All in all a masterwork! (and that with such an unpretentious title and description...)
= Bart van den Berg, IT'er/Speaker & Motivator/runner

What a masterpiece!
July 31, 2012: "With great admiration for your completeness and clarity I have read your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed' without pausing for breath to the end. What a masterpiece!"
= Christine Boland, trendanalyst

A better understanding of how the universe operates
July 13, 2012: "A beautiful book and how well mapped from different perspectives. I now begin to understand and can beter put into words what I felt. With what I get from this book I also understand other spiritual books much better. My puzzle becomes more complete and I am better able to help others. So beautiful to read how Marja brings the old traditions, religions, spiritual beliefs and science together. A wonderful book and a true recommendation. I have bought a few copies to give away as a present."
= anonymus, Passion4LifeNetwork at - 5 stars

A gold mine to read again and again to get new insights everytime
July 12, 2012: "Your book gives me peace due to your clear, well-organized way of connecting. By reading it in parts and bits I was able to make a link with my own memories, experiences and insighst. For me a gold mine to read again and again to get new insights everytime. Thanks!"
= Herlind Stuijt, organization psychologist

A jewel: one of the few books in which the Golden Ratio is covered more deeply
June 25, 2012: "The reason I bought your book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed' is because it is one of the few books in which the Golden Ratio is covered more deeply. I am convinced you have created a jewel."
= Ad Commeren

Especially the part about the Golden Ratio was an eye-opener for me

June 18, 2012: "I have read The Whole Elephant Revealed breathlessly and especially the part about the Golden Ratio was an eye-opener for me. Very clear and understandably written. One of the few books about this subject I have read cover to cover. My compliments."
= Mathilde Schoneveld

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where everyone had read this book and...

June 13, 2012: "I would just like to say how much I've enjoyed reading your exceptional book, The Whole Elephant Revealed. It has consolidated many ideas I had myself been considering. Congratulations on making your insights into facts, supported by evidence. I'm sure the book will enlighten all those who read it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where everyone had read your book and was beginning to live according to the principles?"
= Krystina Kellingley, publisher at Axis Mundi Books

One of the most comprehensive, informative and insightful books
June 4, 2012: "This book is an important contribution. One of the most comprehensive, informative and insightful books I have read in a long time."
= Therese Evans, PhD, Illinois USA,  author of Living By Heart: Empowering Children's Connection to Universal Wisdom

So beautiful, good and clear written
May 31, 2012: "Many thanks for the so beautiful, good and clear written book 'The Whole Elephant Revealed'. I have read it now three times, and everytime I discover other things and so also for me the pieces of the puzzle fit needlessly together! And now the Whole Elephant has been published in English too, what fantastic. Congratulations with that! I wish you all the best with writing the new book about restoring the balance in the world because we really need that."
= Jeannette

To me the most insight giving, inspiring book for years!
May 2, 2012: "Marja, to me you wrote the most insight giving, inspiring book for years! I feel very grateful to you! In the 1980s I read Fritjof Capra, a similar experience."
= Raymond Hartman

One of the most beautiful books of my life
April 26, 2012: "In 1978 I started my biology study with two quenstions: 1) What is the origin of life? 2) What is the origin of intelligence? Unfortunately I did not get one step nearer to the answers I was looking for at the (Catholic) university. From there my path took a compeletely different direction. Reading in the context of my current training (Spiritual Therapy) your book "The Whole Elephant Revealed" I got almost all the answers listed. What a great book and what a great work you are doing through your book 2 en 3. Also in this case a universal law is at work. Apparently I want to get those answers so much and from a pure intention to contribute to the greater whole that I received the answers at the moment I have space for it. Beautiful. And I want to continue with it. Thank you very much for one of the most beautiful books of my life. It felt like coming home when I turned the last page yesterday evening."
= Harrie Janssen, Reiki Master

Most beautiful book I know
April 23 2012: "Do you know this book: The most beautiful book I know. Kind of difficult, but so valuable now!"
= Tjitske Bronkhorst at Twitter

Great book! What a joy having found this book
March 19, 2012: "
What a joy having found this book. After "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart I have not read such an inspiring book, but this is such a book! What a sound information is brought together here. I am very grafeful to the author. It is a wonderful overview and for those people who wish even more background, there are references to excellent sources. Warmly recommanded."
= Mineke Minderhoud, De Kristallijn, workplace for systemconfigurations, Domburg, at - 5 stars

One of the best books I ever read
February 19, 2012: "I have the book now a few weeks. I have ordered it because it is (intensively) used in the NLP coachtraining which I take part in at the moment. I have not yet finished the book completely, but hardly can put it down. It is for me one of the most interesting books I ever read. It offers a synthesis of all kinds of great wisdom traditions - call them religions - and the modernday western science. Also because of the vast bibliography it is a book that should cause hard 'bèta's' and other sceptics to think things over again. It will help others (like myself) on their path of spiritual development. An absolute recommandation!"
= Evelyn Helmich, Rotterdam,
at - 5 stars

My book recommandation
December 21, 2011: "My book recommandation at this moment is the book of Marja de Vries, ‘The Whole Elephant Revealed’. The book gives a beautiful overview of the Universal Laws and gives these a foundation with basic scientific research. The book contains enough endnotes to be able to find all the research, which enlarges the reliability of the book and the content."
= Benno Rijpkema - coach, trainer and adviser

The owe for the existence of all increases with each page

August, 2011: "A excellent explanation of the existence and operation of the Universal Laws. It made me think a little of ‘The Field’ by science journalist Lynne McTaggart, but this time even more clear and a little easier explained and written. The owe for the existence of all increases with each page you read. A beautiful book!"
= Carmen de Haan - Innovative Thinker and trainer

A foundation for all our projects in the world
July 31, 2011: "The book The Whole Elephant Revealed has become my bible. It is my number 1 in 40 years of reading. I want to let you know that through your book a lot of people are being impacted. I recommend your book all over the world! We are using your book as a foundation for all our projects in the world. I want to let you know that through your book a lot of people are being impacted. I am explaining the Universal Laws to hundreds of my 20 year old students at Unnati, a place where I do some voluntary teaching. They all come from an opportunity poor background and in empowering them I find deep happiness and power myself. For 10 years we are working within a worldwide network to launch a project named Global Opportunities. Objective: A world which works for everyone. Global Opportunities brings innovative education and organizes interactive events to connect peoples heart.
With worldwide friends and family we sponsor the education of children and we make sure we interact with them inside the universal laws. We see the difference when we compare "our" children with those of organizations who work in old paradigms. At the same time I have stopped working hard and taking life so seriously. I am mostly managing my frequency by doing things I enjoy. A deep trust is arising that this is all what is needed. Life has become very good! So thank you for your contribution in that!"
= Richard Degenaar, Initiator, Visionary & Founder of the Global Opportunities Network, India

As far as I am concerned this is required reading for every training in natural medicine
July 12, 2011: "I am very enthusiastic about the content of the book The Whole Elephant Revealed. In fact, it is very miraculous for me to see how the book by Marja de Vries, meant to reveal a new worldview to be able to introduce innovation in education, as far as I am concerned could be considered required reading for every form of training in every form of natural medicine. What it boils down to is that for me, after so many years of practicing natural medicine, the book contains not so many new things. But I never saw it put together so simple and so clear and so powerful. I consider it to a 'bible' for all patients and practitioners in the world of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). It shows many principles that are applied in the natural medicine and I am convinced that it will contribute for many, also for advanced ones, in the personal development process. Besides it is very remarkable, when overviewing the seven universal laws, that they not only completely seem to apply to natural medicine, but seem to show an even greater affinity to everything we do within the biophysic medicine."
= Hans Reijnen, physician for Homeopathy(VHAN) and Bioresonance (ABB)

Very glad with your clear explanation and the warm tone of writing
June 12, 2011: "I want to thank you for writing your valuable book The Whole Elephant Revealed. I am very glad with your clear explanation, the warm tone of writing and with the overview of the state of western science. Now I can throw out many pieces of paper, notes and reverences, because they are very well-organized gathered in your book."
= Monique Wortelboer

Intense knowledge shared in a digestable way
May 20, 2011: "I am very much enjoying your book. The way you succeed to share this intense knowledge in a digestable way makes a world of difference for me. I am also trying to find ways to apply the information described in your book in my work als psychotherapist. I hope that the whole world will be able to experience these truths."
= Sophie Maes, Belgium, psychotherapist

An enormous inspiration
May 16, 2011: "Thank you for your great book The Whole Elephant Revealed. The book was already waiting to be read for one or two years in my bookcase but due to circumstances I only was able to do that now. I assume there will be a reason for this - I don't believe in chance. This past year we lived at the island of the gods Bali and I can't think of a better place to read a book about universal laws, the working of which is so strongly sensible over here. I became more and more conscious of the fact that the people here live in another reality than we live in The Netherlands. I discovered that also my own awareness of reality changed and I started to think a lot about these different levels of reality. Much of what I read in your book is not new for me, but a conformation of that with which I am working already for a longer time and that is why reading it is such a pleasure. To be honest, I try to read it as sparingly as possible, like we did as a child with sweets, to be able to enjoy it as long as possible. Your book is an enourmous inspiration for me. I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart."
= Maren Timm, former danser, movement therapist

Coming home
May 16, 2011: "Thank you for writing your book. Reading it felt like coming home with the accompanying sadness of having been away."
= Daphne Rijkee, counsellor and author of the Mirror yourself game

The best advice I ever received
February 8, 2011: (Asked what has been the best advice ever received): "At my farewell dinner as skater I received from Willem Seves, the man who always made my skating shoes, the book The Whole Elephant Revealed by Marja de Vries. It is a philosophical, esoteric book and it has opened my world. It has given me peace and trust. A difficult book, but very much worth the effort."
= Carl Verheijen, skater, answering the question during an interview with the magazine Intermediair.

A very clever overview, well-structured and very accessable
January 23, 2011: "I have just finished reading your book: Congratulations! At first with interruptions so my system could resonate, but maybe because of my impatience, I read the second part in one go. You have written a really very clever overview, well-structured and based on several sources. It is written very accessable. Once again my compliments."
= Marcel van Marrewijk, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) - AI100 action cource.

A very beautiful combined spiritual and scientific picture
January 10, 2011: "Thank you for writing the book The Whole Elephant Revealed. It is very readable and gives a very beautiful combined spiritual and scientific picture and demonstrates once again in my view that science and religion are one like Everything is One. Therfore power is found in diversity and not in uniformity, the latter thought to be easier to control..."
= Gert Kramer

A clear image of how it can be done differently
November 17, 2010: "I have read your book The Whole Elephant Revealed with astonishment and interest. What a beautiful, well-organized and very comprehensible book! It gives a clear image of where we are standing right now and how it can be done differently. I have read the book from the point of view of my profession as foot reflexology massage therapist, which is based on the idea that during the massage energy flows, causes blokkades to dissappear and goes to the place where it is needed. This way I make, for example with dyslectic children, a connection between the two hemispheres of the brain. With remarkable results. By reading your book I feel supported and a little less lonely in my way of working."
= Matthia Leinarts, foot reflexology massage therapist

The soul coming to the foetus in the womb
July 21, 2010: "Right now I am very much enjoying your book The Whole Elephant Revealed, recommended to me by a spiritual friend of mine. Many piezes of the puzzle are falling into place again and the feeling of recognizing and 'home coming' makes me glad ('see, I am not crazy, but a holistic thinking and intuitive knowing woman ;-) !'). Beautiful, the way you make connections between the different sources of knowledge. Your book has given me a considerable implus in my process of awakening and search for the essence of our existence. I like to share with you a small, but for me special experience during the reading of your book. In your book you write about the soul coming to the foetus in the womb. For me it was the first time I read something like that and it made me glad because it brought me back to a special moment during my pregnancy (about five years ago). One moment while I was sitting quietly on the couch, I got a very special feeling in my belly. At the same time the thought popped up: 'So, the soul has arrived'. That thought appeared out of nowhere and, to be honest, it supprised me. Beautiful how it now is connected with your writing. Lots of joy and inspiration with writing your new book."
= Karen Walthuis, psychologist and author of the book Leven met de handrem eraf

A unique and very valuable book that could play a role in worldwide transformation  

July 9, 2010: "I am impressed by the clarity of your book The Whole Elephant Revealed. I think you have written an unique and very valuable book (a masterpiece!), that could play a role in the transformation of our western culture and maybe even in the worldwide transformation, which in my opinion is absolutely necessary to be able to deal in time with the big questions we are facing. To be able to do this, this book has to be sold and used a lot!"
= Erik Mandersloot, Lecturer and researcher Nyenrode Business University & founder UNOO.

"The Whole Elephant Revealed " as point of departure for new dance programs
June 10, 2010: "I bought your book at your presentation in Tilburg and have read it already three times now. It reveals itself every time in a new and different way to me and still I discover new aspects. I feel very grateful for the book and for the insights, which you have given me through it. So many theme's have become so much more clear. When I bought the book I decides immediately to use it as a point of departure for the new dance program of Meditative Dance, that I supervise. At the meetings of last fall each time I explained shortly a universal law and set it in motion with all kinds of Sacred Dances and meditative exercises.
This spring I dedicated the dances and exercises completely to the Law of Dynamic Balance. You cover in the book also a lot of the Golden Mean and the laws of Universal Harmony. Beside other books I am reading now about that, I have The Whole Elephant Revealed always at hand to be able to consult what is written there. All new inspiration based upon your book has repercussions on what I offer in my dance programs and on what I design in my studio. It has not always been easy to explain in my own words the content of a chapter to my dance group. Therefore I used often poems and sometimes short stories. I can say that working with the Universal Laws has had a very deepening influence on all of us. After our meetings there was al lot to talk about and it has strengthened our feeling of connection with each other. I write this out of gratefulness and to share the journey a book can create. All the best for you and your work on the new book we are looking forward to of course and greetings."
= Marlies van der Spek, teacher Meditative Dance/ 3D enamelist.

A very beautiful and caring book
May 5, 2010: "A very beautiful and caring book with a focus on the Golden Mean. Your book incite to think and to ask questions. Mission accomplished!  At this moment I am not able to understand everything, because I did not experience everything that way. Therefore, in a few weeks I will read the book once more."
= Niek Persoon, Ph.D.

A beautiful overview that very much clarifies matters
December 10, 2009: "I did enjoy your talk at the celebration of De Walnoot, november 29 of this year (in Antwerpen). It fascinated me so much that I bought your book and am studying it. Next to the energetic anthropology classes of dr. Zeberio, that I took at De Walnoot in Antwerpen, this book is a beautiful overview and a new composed whole that very much clarifies matters. What is interesting is that I discover very quickly these principles (or the lack of them) in an organization I work with and  where we are developing ideas for a new perspective concerning business communication. And also I am confronted with it as part of my development as an artist. Not only als an expressionist, but also as a storyteller. Thank you for your beautiful work of The Whole Elephant Revealed."
 = Antoinette Zijnen

Happy with "The Whole Elephant Revealed "!
November 15, 2009: "I am one of the readers of The Whole Elephant Revealed. (One of many I hope). Although I have not yet finished your book completely, I want to let you know already now, how happy I am with it. Very clever how you succeeded to see the bigger picture and similarities and to be able to describe these in such an understandable way.  Not only give you me very much insight in the universal principles but you also took away my last bits of skepticism about the methods I Works with as creative career coach: the use of image language to retrieve information about ourselves and inner wisdom from our unconsciousness and let it have a say. You also empower me in my own personal spiritual development, which I want to let go “beyond ‘opinions’, ‘prove’ and ’belief’ ”. You have given me a lot to think and feel about, on my way to get to the bottom of the meaning of my life’s work. Because that remains a quest. For all of this I want to thank you. I wish you a lot of success with your beautiful work!”
= Ans de Vries, creatief loopbaancoach 

Interesting but tedious
October 26, 2009: "Right now I have the book a few months in my possession. Although I am very much interested in the subject, I have great difficulty getting through the book. It is filled with source references, which is a good thing, but every source is mentioned so briefly without really covering the content of that source, that I find it difficult to get really into the book. Contrary to what you would expect from the cover of the book, the book is very dryly written without many examples that could have supported the 'dry' theory and make the book more accessible. It certainly is an interesting book, but I still have to read the last part. Meanwhile I started reading another book: The Intention Experiment which in comparison with this book fortunately has been written a bit lighter."
= Renske van Rossum, Marssum, at - 4 stars

For the first time the feeling that I understand how the universe works
October 1, 2009: "I only came to read The Whole Elephant Revealed last summer during my holiday. I am impressed and while reading I got a real feeling of awe. Some parts are written in a rather abstract way and therefore a little difficult to grasp. But for the first time in my life I have the feeling that I really understand how the universe works, especially because of the scientific foundations of the ancient universal laws. When I read an interview with entrepreneur Henny van der Most recently in the Volkskrant I understood, based on the universal laws in your book, why Hennie is a successful entrepreneur. Thank you, Marja, for this beautiful gift to the world!" 
= Ageeth Veenemans, co-founder Scheppersunie; author of ‘Ik hou van twee mannen. Polyamorie, liefhebben zonder grenzen’

The most beautiful book I have been able to find so far
September 28, 2009: "With a lot of pleasure and admiration I have read the book The Whole Elephant Revealed. This is the most beautiful book I have been able to find so far. All the questions I asked myself about life during the passing years are covered in this book. You have the gift to convey such complicated matter in a clear and simple way on paper as well as in spoken words. I want to compliment you wholeheartedly on your work. We all can be very happy with a person like you among us!" 
= Danette Albers

The most special book I ever read
September 2, 2009: "I want to thank you for the most special book I ever read. The book The Whole Elephant Revealed has made me see and feel the light. I bought your book last Sunday and just now, not even three days later, I read the last pages. I spent years with all kinds of spiritual searching, I read bookcases filled with books to respond to that empty feeling that there must be more. I tried to find it in Kabbalah, which certainly has a lot of knowledge, is difficult to understand, and an absolute challenge to keep searching. I tried to find it in Buddhism which to me is too unclear and to soft. Your book brings together the beautiful aspects of all these belief systems and religious movements and all of that founded on many scientific findings which gives a marvelous balance. I hope you will write many more beautiful books and make many human hearts shine by doing so!" 
= Julian

It has given me an undescribable amount of insights and inspiration
August 21, 2009: "Thank you very much for writing your beautiful book The Whole Elephant Revealed. It has given me an indescribable amount of insights and inspiration. I spelled your book as well as your website.  You brought something very special into the world. This book is asking to be translated into English, so a much larger group can become aware of this immense wisdom.
= Herma Wichman, Proxima Coaching & Communication

Inspiration and strength to re-establish the 'forgotten' female principle
August 7, 2009: "From the bottom of my heart: Thank you for The Whole Elephant Revealed! I have become very happy because of the recognition and affirmation, the connection and oneness, the love and clarity. For me the clarity about the Dynamic Balance between the female and male principle is the confirmation of what I consider to be my own red thread. It gives inspiration and strength to continue re-establishing the 'forgotten' female principle in myself and because of that also to contribute to that process in others."
= Jenny Menheere, Resonance Healer/Teacher

Experiencing all what can emerge when you surrender to it…!
July 31, 2009: "I am so happy with your work, I try every time to find that opening with people to make them more conscious of the working of the universal laws. My partner (choirmaster) and I have been able to experience during the last two months all what can emerge when you surrender to it. Never before it took so little effort as what happened with the creation of the choir Vocal Group Transparant from Venray. So many things happened all together. Three sisters conceived the idea to start a special choir. What started with 3 people became 30 and in the end more than one hundred. Now we have a waiting list!! Look for a sounding and visual result of one of the songs at their first concert after 8 repetitions at ."
= Wilmy van der Helm, zingzorg

June 10, 2009: "With much pleasure and respect I have read The Whole Elephant Revealed at one sitting during a short holiday in Zeeland. I am grateful for all your investigation and the conscientious way you give your bibliography, summarize briefly and brings in clear connection with one another. I did write some books. Being a student of Prof. G. Quispel, especially knowledge of the heart is very dear to my heart. The information about that was very clarifying and new for me. Meanwhile I am promoting your book by mentioning it at presentations and workshops for our academy PanSophia knowledge-center matriarchy and consciousness of oneness. Compliments!"
= Dr. Annine van der Meer, religion historian and theologian and author of the book 'From Venus to Madonna, an hidden history'

While reading your book already the exercises appear from within me ...

May 14, 2009: "I am kindly disposed towards education and in fact everything which and everyone who has something to do with 'learning'. I worked in education for 27 years and from 2002 I give trainings, personal development and I coach people in their personal development as supervisor. Based on personal experience I know that everything is connected with everything. This is what touched me in your book and my deep desire and passion is to guide more and more my fellow humans in this. When I am reading in your book already the exercises appear from within me to make people familiar with these beautiful universal laws. I really like to help spreading this information and coaching other people, possibly in the form of workshops."
= Joke Vermeer, dejas-personal coaching

An astonishing clarity, clear organization and serenity ... EXCELLENT!!
April 15, 2009: "I like to thank you for writing the splendid book The Whole Elephant Revealed . For me you have described exactly the path of my personal journey of exploration and development and all that with an astonishing clarity, clear organization and serenity. So much recognition ... EXCELLENT!! No education program should be without this book.
= Wemmerke Kattenberg, Spirit it! Kattenberg counselling

Everything written in an understandable way, so it opens a whole new world

March 29, 2009: "I am so glad, I have attended the Inspiration-day, march 22 in Ede. I did read already parts of your book, but your presentation makes the content even more meaningful for me. I like to thank you for writing everything in an understandable way, so it opens a whole new world for me. At the moment I am again 'studying' as I call it myself. With lots of pleasure and interest. Thanks to you. So once again, thank you very much."
= Peti de Boer-Groen

My greatest desire is to bring this all back again to public education

March 27, 2009: "At the end of last year I was in the bookshop and discovered your book there. I had not heard of you before. The title appealed to me and especially because you wrote about the Universal Laws made me decide to buy your book. Reading your book was one great recognition. As if you describe parts of the Antagram, I have developed, without having seen it! I have not yet experienced that someone came so close to "my truth". Like you founding and describing the Laws beautifully, I use them practically and have shaped them into a teachable form. They are woven in theory and exercise. The Antagram is a way to give people insight into themselves, to give a perspective of the Whole and how we create our reality within that Greater Whole. By becoming conscious aware we are able to be in harmony with All That Is. My greatest desire is to bring this matter back again to public education. Insight into the Greater Whole and the influence of it, is in my opinion essential to bring yourself into balance and to create your life in harmony. I write 'to bring back again' because I realize that many, many centuries ago insight into the Universal Laws was a normal part of our daily life." 
= Barbara van Meerhove

It would be good for the world when many people read this book
March 5, 2009: "What a beautiful and fascinating book have you written. After your presentation I have begun reading it straight away. It is very clarifying that you have given a complete description of the 'working' of the universe. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. It would be good for the world when many people read this book. So, it is my intention to make many people aware of the existence and importance of this book. Thank you very much and I am curious to find out that your next steps will be."
= Hester Kiestra

Definitely recommended!!!
February 6, 2009: "For a spiritual doubter like me (rational, analytic minded), it is a relief to read The Whole Elephant Revealed . For me many things are now placed in a greater context which makes that I am able to understand and accept them easier. And the connections with Western scientific research made in the book have been a great support. We don't need to prove everything scientifically, but when there happens to be in some cases some scientific support for spiritual insights, for me as a science-oriented person that is very valuable. For me this book has been an extra motivation to continue my spiritual journey of discovery."
= Koen Warner, a hopeful and inspired sceptic

Intuitively coming home
January 16, 2009: "I have read your book The Whole Elephant Revealed. It is a book I have searched for during a long time and now it really does exist. To read your book and to take it in all has been a kind of intuitively coming home."
= Leo van Beek

The Whole Elephant Revealed and ECOtherapy
Sept. 8, 2008:
I have read your book with very much interest and pleasure. It was a feast of recognition. There are few books in which I have underlined so many (for me) important sentences and fold over so many edges of pages. The subjects you describe are familiar for me, but you have placed them in a new, coherent light. This way it has provided even more insights and coherence in our method. We apply a lot of what you describe in practice. Our method is called ECOtherapy. We use it to balance large eco- and company-systems from a distance. Our theoretical background fits closely in with The Whole Elephant Revealed.”
= Hans Andeweg, Centre for ECOtherapy and author of the book 'In resonantie met de natuur' ('In resonance with nature')

A ‘paradigm leap’
Sept. 7, 2008:
I was already underway, I already did understand that ‘dharma’ is a natural law... a inevitable intrinsic characteristic which exists or happens whether you want it or not. But it is the book The Whole Elephant Revealed that clarified innumerable things a human being knows at a deep level. Marja de Vries makes visible the inevitable link between the understandings of the world of Western science as they are developing at the moment, and the spiritual dimensions, things all people with mystic experiences already talk about for ten thousand years. The meeting moment between, let's keep it contemporarily, Osho and Einstein. The book is a manner of summarizing of 7 Universal Laws, which are the same for science at the material level and at the spiritual level. It is a 'paradigm leap' based on the insight that everything is energy, also that which we call up till now matter. It shines new light, creates order in apparent chaos and makes innumerable things understandable. She compares it with how the microscope and the telescope once opened up new worlds for us and the computer still does today, in view of making these processes visible.
= Josje Steur, psychologist

Very clarifying and sometimes also a confirmation
August 28, 2008:
There are these moments in your life in which things happen which you initially can't explain and only later understand. This happened also with your book and now I have read it and have taken it, again things have fallen into place. Some laws you describe in your book were not completely new for me. I knew already much about them, but I was not able to put it all together. Through your book slowly I got a better insight in it and also a better understanding. So, your book is and has been very clarifying for me and sometimes also a confirmation of things I knew or suspected already for a long time. Now I understand some laws much better, I can apply them in my personal life. Of course there are also things in your book I still need to understand better and I consider that as my learning process. So I will often read again parts of the book or even the whole book once again. I like to thank you for publishing your book and for the clear language and way of writing and the accessibility of it. A book which reads easy and offers enough to keep thinking about and to apply in your own life, but also in the greater whole and worldview. Therefore I do hope that your book will open a gate for many people.
= Onno Kiviet, Almere

Acute, well-balanched, exactly something for this moment
August 15, 2008: “The author is well-balanced and wise. That is necessary to make a connection between the understandings of modern science and the insights of the spiritual wisdom traditions. An useful contribution to the growing consciousness the younger generation longs for. And for that matter the whole modern world.
= Louis Sommeling, Groningen, drs.theology and psychology, at - 5 stars

A Marvelous book!!!
August 9, 2008: “The Whole Elephant Revealed is a marvelous book. Good because it is bright and clear written, marvelous because it sketches an image of the universe in which everything is alive and intermingles, attracts and bounces off, breathes in and out, always changing and always developing! The most overwhelming though is the insight that everything and everyone is connected with each other and that you are part of this marvelous whole yourself. You are not separated from it! This book should become a part of our education system!
= Deurne, anonymus at - 5 stars

From part to whole
July 8, 2008: “In this book is emphasized that indigenous peoples, the own intuition and modern way of thinking have common ground on which new understandings and new practical acting can be based. So we can function healthier as human beings and in relation to the earth. An excellent book as far as I am concerned!”
= Barbara, Alkmaar, at - 5 stars

Sublime integrative & inspiring
July 5, 2008: “This inspiring book brings much of my knowledge, understanding and experience in connection with each other and besides offers so much new wisdom that most likely I will keep it the rest of my life within reach.”
= Eersel, anonymus, at - 5 stars

An aquisition to strengthen the feeling with the complete coherence of All that is
July 4, 2008: “With excitement and full of passion I am enjoying your book The Whole Elephant Revealed! Although there sure are parts I don't understand, I just keep reading and feel I stay connected with the content and the insight I get becomes strengthened this way. I have learned the MerKaBa, followed a training with Drunvalo Melchizedek, read a lot of books about Sacred Geometry. I experience your book as very informative, practical, well-organized and full of insights. I have not read it completely yet, until now chapter 10 appealed the most to me though. Your book is an acquisition in this new time, to strengthen the feeling with and to enhance the insight into the complete coherence of All that is, Hurra!”
 = Liesbeth van den Brandhof, Bureau Sta Op

An inspiring symphony of harmonious ideas
July 3, 2008: “Yes to the author’s concepts of Reality. Yes to her personal experience in the matrix of Divine Design. Yes to her demonstrated ability to create an inspiring symphony of harmonious ideas. Yes to the personal growth she inspires in her readers. This 85 year old perennial student of expanding awareness is celebrating my good fortune in discovering a website featuring an English language translation of chapters 1-3 of The Whole Elephant Revealed by Marja de Vries. Most of the books Marja recommends or quotes from are on my personal bookshelves. However, my personal enthusiasm for The Whole Elephant Revealed will motivate me to purchase several copies as soon as an English  Language edition is in publication.”
= Rev. Jim Hazen

Your book as inspiration for training projects
June 19, 2008: “I devote myself to people who ask themselves the right questions and search for inner peace by getting in touch with themselves again. I do this by means of individual coaching, team coaching or by culture-transformation-projects. Right now I am giving shape to a purpose-and-meaning-project for managers, leaders and executives who have a lot of experience already. They have done already a lot, know all the processes but then what….. They find that they make their decisions mostly based on thinking and less on feeling and intuition. How can you draw on more qualities in yourself and put to use than those you know already? These people I like to reach very much. For this I have been very much inspired by your book The Whole Elephant Revealed. It is beautiful to reach this group with a project based on the 7 Universal Laws. I can join in with their thinking and at the same time prepare them to do more with their whole being.”
= Karin Lombarts, ‘Toonaard’

An important contribution to finding the path from head to heart
May 20, 2008: “ I have read your book The Whole Elephant Revealed with great delight. Bits and pieces of information you get during your life all fell into place. And the picture that emerges this way is that of an infinite intelligent and loving ruling of the Universe. I have to say that it has intensified immensely my confidence in the goodness of creation. I have great admiration for the idea which you have given shape in your book, but maybe even more for the way in which you have done that. Thank you very much for this important contribution to finding the path from head to heart that so many people are involved with at the moment.”
= W. P. Kruseman, Langbroek

A founder for all forms of personal and social growth
April 21, 2008: “Thank you for your inspiring talk in Hoogwoud. I had read your book already, a very successful attempt to put a whole universe in 300 pages. I have been looking for such a book already more than 10 years but always had to make do with sometimes very inspiring books about a part of the elephant, coming all the time to the conclusion that everything that is written is correct, but not complete. Finally there is now a book that can serve as a founder for all other books. And more than that, that can serve as a founder for all forms of personal and social growth. By the way, our wallhangings are very beautiful too. There is so little food in the field of connecting with nature and the female power, except of course to be as a women in nature, what I love doing. Once again, thank you for the inspiration.
= drs. Monique Zomer, psychologist

It was about time that this book emerged, it will definitely cause a furore
April 9, 2008: “After reading about the way this book came into being, I have to conclude that you have been guided. It was about time that this book emerged. It will definitely cause a furore because you have been able to place difficult subjects in a broad spectrum and so make it very accessible. You also combine everything with everything. Thinking with feeling, conscious with subconscious aspects, the heart with the brain and the image with the formula. A very great achievement. Especially the elementary particles as donuts, as mini white holes and as basis of our (and of all) physical existence in contact with everything else is formidable. Also the coherence with the Golden Ratio. Remains the question though who has guided you… I thank you for writing this book. Lots of success with your book.”
= Boy Boer, designer of the atomflowers

Through your book I am rediscovering the feeling that as a child I knew much more than I do now
March 19, 2008: “I am bewildered by it. I am carrying your book with me all the time and take it with small bites. More than once I have the feeling that as a child I knew much more than I do now. Experiences of Oneness and conversations with God, ware much more natural. I am very grateful that through your book I am rediscovering that.”
= Henk Hofman, Training with Theater BV

The clear and enthusiast explanation of the connection of everything with everything
March 5, 2008: “With great joy I read your book The Whole Elephant Revealed. The subject has my interest already for years and your clear and enthusiast explanation of the connection of everything with everything has touched me. You also quoted Plotinus somewhere in your book. I have translated the Enneads of Plotinus in Dutch (Damon 2005) and I found the same insights there. He is a difficult philosopher, but his insights into the essence of the world, without knowledge of modern biology and physics, are astounding. Thank you for your beautiful book.”
= Rein Ferwerda, classicist/translator

This book will make history!
Febr. 29, 2008: “Marja de Vries has written a spiritual masterpiece. Spiritual in the sense of broadening consciousness! It is the fundament and at the same time the umbrella of transcendent knowledge. Marja, thank you very much! ”
= Amsterdam, anonymus at - 5 stars

Your book has caught on well and has caused a brainquake
Febr. 24. 2008: “I have read your book with great fascination, I think it is wildly interesting for everyone. Your book has caught on well and had cause a brainquake. I am applying the chaos theory for non-linear shifts in the public opinion… Lots of success with the writing of your second book.
= Misha de Sterke, Agora Advice, Communication office

This book is recommended at our website as our favorite!
Febr. 21. 2008: “An few months ago we have mailed with each other about the marvelous connection between Quantum-Touch and The Whole Elephant Revealed. We give the workshop Quantum-Touch (healing with your hands) in The Netherlands and refer among others to your book and your website. Meanwhile quite a number of our students have already bought the book and everyone is wildly enthusiastic about the insights, described in the book and the way it is written and on top of that how it connects with the background philosophy of Quantum-Touch. The book is recommended at our website as our favorite!”
= Linda Menkhorst, QTouch Trainings

You book awakens in me the trust to surface again with a mission

Febr. 17, 2008: “I have to get it from my chest that I am very grateful to you for the foundation that your book has offered me. It gives reflecting splendor to my quest to reach authorities and to inspire organizations to move between classical (psycho)analysis and morphogenetic (socio)dynamics, like systemic constellations. You awakens (with your book) in me the trust to surface again with a mission. Of course I was deeply touched by your vision quest. [see 'the story behind my name' at this website] Now you have birthed your first fruit, much more Starchildren can see their authenticity in the mirror, and start walking their own trail.”

Understanding of natural relations for any one accessible or how love of Nature expresses itself in all her mightly...
Febr. 7, 2008: “..How should Jung and Einstein have met each other 'retroactively? Marja de Vries sublimates the classic series 'A magnificent accident' of the VPRO-broadcasting in such a way, that I can imagine the connection of their ideas in a lively way! She outdates the wrong track after Descartes and develops this by proposing a synthesis between classic sciences and wisdom traditions as a quantum leap to a higher level, in a Natural spiraling way, seemingly effortlessly balancing from the female to the male principle and vice versa, eternal circulating toward growth with heart and soul in the mind of the all-embracing thought... In short: The Whole Elephant Revealed leads intention to consciousness that can expand itself toward a meaningful art of living!”
= Amsterdam, anonymus at - 5 stars

It was hard not to send you an email from China ... it is a masterpiece

Febr. 7, 2008: “A few months ago I told a friend that my biggest wish is to help change the (primary) education in The Netherlands so it would be more holistic, more complete. She then told me about you and your book - she was just reading at the time - and said that you are working toward that goal too. A week later I visited your website, bought your book and did not do read it... Three weeks ago though I went to China to learn more about Qigong and took your book with me. It was hard not to send you an email from China, because the correspondences between what I read in your book and what my Qigong master told me, were incredible. When I just read in your book about vibrations, he told about that subject in the evening. When he told something about the qi, what is present all around us but also deep within ourselves, I read in your book about so above, so below. The Law of Attraction, the manifestation of matter from consciousness, there were many correspondences. Not to speak about the synchronicity that it was exactly your book, that I took with me, while I had seven other books waiting to be read... Thank you for your book, is what I want to say to you. It is a masterpiece and very clarifying.”
= Tex Rijnders, PER DIGITALE, idealistic office for concept and communication

Clear connections which give me a very good feeling
Jan. 15, 2008: “I almost finished reading you book and I think it is marvelous, the clarity gives me so much. I always have been very interested in the Golden Mean and you explain that very extensively. This way clear connections are made which give me a very good feeling, as if they fall into place. Very great, so thank you for that!”
= Lilian van Bennekom, actress/writer/storyteller/consciousness-coach

'An artwork more eternal than bronze'...
Dec. 10, 2007: “The recent years I have been searching rather intensely for insights into the coherence and meaning of things and from may 1 even full-time. I stopped my work to give myself time and space to first build a coherent existential frame to be able to find within that a new challenge with meaning for me and others. So I did read and heard already quite a lot. But what you achieved in this perspective is phenomenal! Horace wrote after finishing his Odes: "Exigi monumentum aere perennius" (I have created an artwork more eternal than bronze). Your monumental work exceeds this in many ways. It is an unlikely clear structured and fascinatingly written complete overview of how we, our cosmos and even God 'are organised' and what is the purpose of this all. From the depth of my being I want to thank you. This is for me gefundenes fressen!”
= Peter Vereecke, Gent

Of all the many spiritual books I have in my bookcase this is one of the bests
Dec. 5, 2007: “What an unbelievable special book did you write. Woow, what a gift that you have been allowed to do this. Of all the many spiritual books I have in my bookcase - some of which are very dear and special to me - this is one of the bests. Congratulations with that achievement. I will give several as a present to friends in the time to come, I promise!”
= Miems Tjeek Willink, spiritual healer

Maybe the best book available about the universal laws
Dec. 3. 2007: “I finished reading this book two weeks ago and will read it soon again! What a great book! Marvelous how Marja de Vries brings faith and science together without showing through all to much her own opinion. Sometimes a little bit hard to read because of all the (source)references, but in my opinion very much worth reading and maybe the best book available about the universal laws of the universe and the explication of them! Anyway it helped me a lot with some questions of life and dead!!”
= Amersfoort, anonymus at - 5 stars

A sound work
Nov. 30, 2007: “In my opinion a sound work, consistently written in a pleasantly abundant way. As in a fugue the information is repeated a few times in a different tonality, reducing the information-density, so is becomes a readable whole. Besides, this is an interpretation/illustration of the second law, the Law of Correspondence. This about the form. About the content - I agree with the cover-endorsements.”
= Reinout Oosterveld, secretary of the Foundation for Nature- and Implosiontechnics.

Additional pieces of the puzzle for making my furniture
Nov. 29, 2007: “Thank you very much for your beautiful book! A clear overview, recognizable but so much more! The book came for me just at the right moment, and - together with the book of Michael Schneider, A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe, that also came my way - both of you have brought me additional pieces of the puzzle so I can go on with my plan. I make cupboards and I am in the process of translating the enneagram story in cupboards. My intent is to portray the human development in furniture. So, I am looking forward to your next book, because human development and education go hand in hand. Thank you for your enriching contribution.
= Ronald Spruit, designer of furniture

I think you have written a masterpiece
Nov. 15, 2007: “I want to thank you very much for this book. My pieces of the puzzle are now falling into place. It is a confirmation for me and an important support. I have consciously chosen for this innovative HBO education (I work for the training Communication & Multimedia Design of the Noordelijke Hoge School at Leeuwarden) and to pass on the insight into these universal laws to students, who have ears to understand. Thanks to your book I am able now to find words. The passing on happens in a playful way and at moments, which fit in with the experiences of these young people. I wrap it sometimes with humor and sometimes with serious feedback. And I really enjoy doing that. Your book is laying at my workplace and students even ask about it and react to it. One reaction of student caused that I will go to one of your talks. Why? Because I am wildly curious and think you have written a masterpiece, that is accessible for a very broad target group. Very clever piece of work!! Your book is for me also a confirmation that I go with the right stream and that this stream is going to bring me even much more. I meet more and more people who go with me in this stream. And that gives me happiness and amazement.
= Joke Lunsing, teacher CMD Leeuwarden

A standard work that I have already recommended to many
Nov. 14, 2007: “I have read your beautiful book The Whole Elephant Revealed. For me a standard work giving me a lot of valuable information. I have already recommended the book to many. Many things you describe are very interesting for people who work with energy. I think it is really valuable that you give a clear picture of the universal laws from the different wisdom traditions and understandings of scientists. What I only could assume and feel as Truth till now, but which was sometimes to extensive or vague to comprehend, is now combined and described by you in clear language, that is really a gift!
= Pauline Napjus

I will use the book in my work connecting communication (management) and spirituality
Nov. 14, 2007: “I bought your book immediately and started reading it right away. It fits in with exactly with what I am doing. I can use the book absolutely by making the connection between communication (management) and spirituality.”
= Marieke Duyvestijn

As far as I am concerned this book needs to go all around the world!
Oct. 30, 2007: “Thank you for your beautiful book! It makes me really happy! I have almost finished reading it, now reading the last chapter. A few thing I knew already (I am already reading about these things for a long time) but also a lot I did not know yet. What I like so very much about the book is the structure. The connections and coherence become clear. The picture is complete. I hope it will be translated into English? And Chinese? As far as I am concerned it needs to go all around the world!”
= Monique van Dommele

You have been successful in writing a convincing story
Oct. 24, 2007: “I have read your book. I think it is very good. It is a brave try to capture the insights if different wisdom traditions and scientific understandings in one theoretical reflection. You have been successful in writing a convincing story. I have always been averse to esoteric things. With your book I had for the first time the feeling that there are interfaces with the so called 'exact science'.”
= Han Westelaken, architect

This will become a classic! Finally everything makes sense
Oct. 21, 2007: “In this book the universal principles and laws of the universe, which can be found in many ancient belief systems, are described and ordered in a very clear and understandable way. It is really a joy that the author has listed all these points; finally everything makes sense. Everything I knew already and considered true intuitively has now been described in a clear way from many points of view (among other things those of mystics and quantum physics). Already now it has become my favorite book and I have not even finished it. It feels very complete and universal; as if also your own consciousness makes a quantum leap by reading it. Truly a recommendation!!”
= Amsterdam, anonymus at - 5 stars

This book has surpassed my wildest dreams!
Oct. 7, 2007: “The Sufi-story and your clear explanation that everything simply operates according seven Universal Laws, really is an eye-opener for me. I have read the book already two times and I have to confess that the book had surpassed my wildest dreams! My compliments for your very clear explanation, which gave me a good insight into the existence and the operation of the Universal Laws and the Golden Ratio. Already for years I have been fascinated by Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio and your book has caused a very welcome inner broadening and deepening. I have come to the conclusion that when you start to observe the events around you from the perspective of these laws you will understand better and better which laws are behind those events and how everything is intertwined. A few weeks ago I suddenly felt the inner urge to visualize the described Universal Laws and the The Golden Ratio. These symbolic interpretation is really full of symbolism.”
= Len Zoetemeijer

Symb. afbeelding oorspr.
Symbolic visualizion of the seven universal laws by Len Zoetemeijer

This book is to bring heaven on earth
Oct. 2, 2007: “I saw your book at a friends place and felt intuitively that it is important to me. What I like so much about your book is not just the whole, but also especially the sacred geometry. It is a subject in which I have my heart and which I as a sculptress can show though my sculptures I am making these days. I will buy The Whole Elephant also for my two children. This book is to bring heaven on earth.
= Geny Titus, sculptress

A very special present
Sept. 28, 2007: “I was given the beautiful and accessible book that you have written and I consider it a very special present! ”
= Jefke Vink, Trainer/ Master Coach NLP/ Psychologist NIP

The eye-opener of the century and this book doesn't need marketing at all
Sept. 20, 2007: “The overview given in this book is overwhelming simple and complete. The result is a picture of the universe, that is watertight reasoning, while nowhere in the book you get the feeling that something is preached. (we were talking about) the marketing of your book. I have been thinking of that often, also while reading. More and more I reach the conclusion that this book doesn't need marketing at all; I would think that the news about your book spreads like wildfire. I am looking forward to the many pages I still have to read in your beautiful book. For me it is the eye-opener of the century.”
= Erik de Vries, Concept, Copy & Communication

Your book as thread for teaching ‘Trust and Contact’
Sept. 13, 2007: “Fanny Koerts from Pentascope and the Nieuwe Garde Groningen brought your book to my attention. And I did buy it immediately; in fact quite special that I did act straight away. Already for a while I am in the process of searching and often I feel I don't have 'words' to explain to people around me what I feel and know inside of me. And your book and your workshop gave me those words. A touching experience, thanks a lot for that.
At the NHL, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, I have suggested to teach 'Trust and Contact'. And there was no doubt at all for me: I do know that your book will be the thread for this. Everything can be given shape from that perspective, marvelous! I feel more and more that I want to give the youth tools to get to know the path inward, into themselves, so they will be able to tidy up the feelings they encounter there. Especially young people are able to pick up new things very easily. And just now I think it is important for them to stay in touch with the Universal Truth. So, thank you more than twice!”  
= Jeltine Zijlstra, initiator, inspirator and connector and Associated Partner at Pentascope

A revelation, this book will play a very important role
Sept. 10, 2007: “First of all I want to thank you very much for the terrific masterpiece that appeared in the bookstores. I am not a scientist, professor or something like that but my whole life I have been very much interested in this matter. The commercial books of the well known gentlemen did not get past some vague allegations, though. Your book is beautifully well-founded and I have already recommended it many times to my friends. Many of them come, after reading your book, back with the same reaction: now they have the feeling as if starting once again... a revelation. Daily we have discussions about the covered subjects. Everything inside of me tells me that this book will play a very important role.”  
= Marco Bartelsman, Corporate IT Manager

Using the laws as trainer/coach ánd as father
Aug. 31, 2007: “I really liked reading your book, my compliments. Two years ago I also did read The Kybalion and was very impressed. I consider your book a very inspiring completion and extension. Several times I was able to feel that it was right and at other moments it was still a rational exercise for me. So, I still do have to develop some. In my work as trainer/coach I can combine things beautifully and, more important, I am now looking for ways how I can apply the laws as a father. Once again, my respect for your book and I am looking forward reading the articles mentioned at your website.”
= Arno Ramakers, Courses Coaching Consultancy

As if I have crowled through a summary of the library of my husband
Aug. 14, 2007: “We have soaked up the book. We meaning my husband and I. For me it was as if I have crowled through a summary of the library of my husband and for him it was a beautiful summary and more!! You see, we do work in this area. We work with new forms of Healing, Water and Energy. Everything based on the Universal Laws! ”
= Dominique and Kees

As if the book contains an all-encompassing energy
Aug. 12, 2007: “The Whole Elephant Revealed is in many ways an impressive book. It collects a lot of knowledge in a new more encompassing frame of concept. Reading the book also is kind of coming home because it puts into words my own essential experiences in a new way. While reading I experience the oneness the book describes. It is as if the book carries an all-encompassing energy. The special thing is that it brings me in contact again with the experience of oneness, which is so essential and direction indicating for me. Besides it adds aspects to this experience and my understanding about it. Definitely a recommendation, a book you must have read when you take the spiritual path seriously.
= Sanny Uitentuis, GZ-psychologist

Not one word to much, so it is easy to read from the heart
Aug. 12, 2007: “Daily I enjoy reading in The Whole Elephant Revealed. Marvelous, all this information and the interconnection in clear sentences. This is really a pleasure. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. While reading I feel how the vibration of the book for a moment harmoniously illuminates lower frequencies in me! I experience during my work with my clients that positive thoughts really can get things going. Now so clearly explained and illustrated with all kinds of research. In your book there is not one word or one name too much, which makes it much easier to read it less with the rational mind and more from the heart.”  
= André Heine, coach ahAvontuur

It deserves a reading public as the Aquarius Conspiracy by Marylin Ferguson
Aug. 11, 2007: “Every time I took a break while renovating my house I plunged into the elephant and I do read it with particular great interest and growing respect for your achievement. I have to confess that, when you told me what kind of book you were writing, I was afraid that your project could collapse under its own ambition: not only to deduce the essence from all the big religions and mystical traditions, but also on top of that from the newest discoveries of science. Although I have not yet finished reading the book, I do want to send you already now my great respect for the fact that you did it! I enjoy! I think you have written a book that deserves (and I think will get) a readers public as the Aquarius Conspiracy by Marylin Ferguson.”  
Pieter van Veen
, Antiquarian book trade van Veen: books with heart and soul

The incredible 'clear' way of explaining
Aug. 6, 2007: “During my holiday I have read your book The Whole Elephant Revealed. In one word, a marvelous book!!! Although I have read already a lot about the subjects in your book, I was completely surprised by the incredible 'clear' way of explaining the theme's in your book. You write expertly and convincing. I was especially impressed by the interconnections you are able to make between all the literature you read. You seem to make effortlessly these connections between the huge pile of literature on which your book is based. Also the structure of your book, using the universal Hermetic principles as steppingstones is evidence of an ordered approach. This way your book became a logical succession of concepts that work as guide for the reader. You have succeeded brilliantly in your intention to put the universal truth in the perspective of contemporary scientific research!
I have learned a lot (despite the fact that I did read many of the same sources of literature as you did) and I definitely will read your book one more time, because it really has impressed me. I wish you good luck with this book and with your next book. I am glad you went off the road with your purpose to write a book about education, otherwise this beautiful book would never have seen the light of day. Therefore I know for sure that your next book will be a success too.”  
= Jan Wicherink, author of the e-book 'Souls of Distortion', 2006

A spiritual audit for humanity as a whole…
Aug.5, 2007: “I consider The Whole Elephant Revealed a very good book. I mention this book during my conferences and I will also cover it during my teachings in 2008 as professor of Business Spirituality at the Business University Nyenrode. The story you write about Walter Russell can be found too almost literally in the biography of Ignatius of Loyola. In my Ignatian spirituality it is called the contemplation of being by doing. So what is my conclusion after reading your book: Isn't your book a spiritual audit for humanity as a whole and so to be used as a prototype?”  
= Paul de Blot SJ, professor of Business Spirituality at the Business University Nyenrode, The Netherlands

A masterpiece
July 17, 2007: “I have read your book The Whole Elephant Revealed with much admiration and enthousiasm. I consider it as a masterpiece. It is written so clear, plain and well-organized. In my opinion this book is a very complete and inspiring piece of work. It is a must for insight and understanding on the path to a better world for all and everything.”
= Aad Hermann, dentist, coach and trainer

Energetically or synchronously doing business
July 11, 2007: "I read your book and think it is great. I guess you heard already more often that it made many pieces falling into place. I am organizing a kind of conference about socially sound enterprises. But by reading your book finally everything makes sense and I am now thinking about something like energetically or synchronously doing business, a much more logical form of connected and respectful being. One time I would like to make a story about is."
= Titus Bovenberg

The importance of the Golden Ratio and the female principle
July 8, 2007: “What touches me the most in the book is that I realize more and more that it is of great importance that the balance in the world between the male and female principle will be restored. With the explanation about the importance of the Golden Ratio, Marja makes clear in her book how important the female principle is and how everything in nature and in us operates in line with the Golden Ratio.”
= Ineke van Westrienen

Every part is connected with the other parts
July 8, 2007: “The book The Whole Elephant Revealed helps me to understand better that I am wrong when I think that I am a separate, isolated entity and live like that. It confirms my understanding that we are part of a very subtle tuned ecosystem, in which every part is connected with all the other parts and all parts influence each other.”
= Martine Vijverberg

I will use this book for my lectures
July 5, 2007: “It is a beautiful book and you have used The Kybalion wonderfully and made brilliantly the connections with the current state of science. I teach Mysticism at the College for Psycho-Social Welfare in Utrecht and one of my courses covers The Kybalion. I will use your book for these classes, because your book is very dear to my heart.”
= Drs. C.J.Th. Gunsing, teacher on the permanent staff of the College for Psycho-Social Welfare, Utrecht.

This book is a guide
July 4, 2007: “Yesterday I started reading The Whole Elephant Revealed and already now I am addicted to it. Already for years I am bringing these universal insights toward the attention of educators, because that really is necessary in our superficial society. This book by Marja is a guide. The Law of Polarity says all pairs of opposites may be reconciled - how important for education, this awareness. I will bring this book to the university libraries and to people who have political influence.”
= Hanneke Bijl

Suddenly everything becomes clearer
June 19, 2007: “I realized that actually you do not tell me something new, but yet suddenly everything becomes clearer. Funny how things work. The information I had already but because of the ordening of the information I suddenly saw things that were not clear to me until then. As if you give the mystical side a scientific touch which makes it easier to understand. Everything beautifully ordered and well-organized. I advise everything who wants to know more about themselves, each other and the world in which we live to read this book. Because it really is miraculous!”
= Rozemarijn Knollema

Everything made more and more sense
June 15, 2007: “While reading the book The Whole Elephant Revealed it felt as if I won the jackpot, coins kept falling and everything made more and more sense.”
= Fanny Koerts

Warm and good
Juni 15, 2007: “… I enjoy reading your book ... your book feels so warm and good for me. Really nice. Your book attributes to personal change and because of that to social transformation too. ”
Pauline Petrie