Textielkunstenares   -   Fabric Artist  
Themes in my work

The central theme in my artwork is the relationship between nature-spirituality-being human-being woman. My work integrated all those aspects more and more, while I was looking for the answer to the question: "How can we human beings be in harmony with nature?" For me spirituality plays a key factor here and I was looking for answers to this question in the non-physical world.

The non-physical world

In my artwork I tried to capture the essence of the images I "saw" as messages from the non-physical world and to transfer them into the physical world, visible for everyone. Aspects of different levels of the non-physical world can present themselves as a person, as a God or a Goddess, an archetype, but also as an animal or plant or any kind of creature or object. In fact their energy can take on any shape to represent their identity and to make their specific energy recognizable for us. We don't make up these images ourselves, but they appear to us.

In this way the image helps to convey the message to us and to connect us with our unconsciousness, the Great Mystery and the Greater Whole. Like everything from the non-physical world, these images "talk" to each of us in a different way, because they are often symbolic and consist out of different layers. Although the specific identity can be universal each representation comes into being through our personal experience.
Energy in images

At a certain moment in our life a specific image representing an aspect from the non-physical world (for example in the shape of a certain symbol, a specific animal, a Goddess, an archetype) can attract our attention, because it contains a message important to our inner self. In some way this image touches us profoundly and feeds our hungry soul. By paying attention to these kind of images, (presenting themselves to us in such a way) we can activate these aspects in ourselves, for such images quite often represent our own latent qualities. For that reason they are able to inspire us and hand us new possibilities for living our life.

It was my aim to capture in matter the specific energy contained in these images, so it will enable the spectator to get directly in touch with this energy and with the message the image has to tell or offer us.

In order to bring these images to the world of matter through my artwork, I use a self developed free form of patchwork, which allows me to "paint" with fabric. This technique works well for my purpose, because it forces me to touch the essence.

In this way I my work serves as a permanent source of power, support and inspiration and as a memory of the healing message.