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Postcards and Greeting cards
Aurora Productions published postcards (10,5 x 15 cm) of 4 of my wallhangings:
She who can sleep with the wolves
(code: MDV 1)
On the Sacred Mountain
(Code: MDV 2)
sold out
sold out

The Sacred Valley
(Code: MDV 3)
The Dream of the King
(Code: MDV 4)

And Aurora Productions published greeting cards (12,2 x 17 cm) of 5 of my wallhangings.

Expansion Through Nature
(code: MDV 5D)
The Circle of Life
(Code: MDV 6D)

sold out

sold out

Twilight, crack between worlds
(Code: MDV 7D)
Earth Healing
(Code: MDV 8D)
sold out

Creating Heaven on Earth
(Code: MDV 9D)
sold out

The cards are available at:
Marja de Vries
tel: +31 (0)541 - 533593
email: marjadv@versatel.nl

For shops the cards can be ordered at:
Aurora Productions
Postbus 9
NL- 1723 ZG Noord-Scharwoude
tel: +31 (0)226 - 3211433
fax: +31 (0)226 - 340628