Textielkunstenares   -   Fabric Artist  

From 1993 to 2003 I worked as a self-taught fabric artist, making wallhangings, mainly in commission. Since I decided in 2003 to focus on new forms of learning and education (see the other parts of this website. I don’t have time for my fabric art anymore. Here on my website it is still possible though to read how I made my art and to view my work in the gallery.

Central in my work was the question how we as human beings can be in harmony with nature. I was looking for the answers to this question in the images I see in dreams and meditation. When I worked in commission I focused on the energy of the person for whom I made a wallhanging. This way I got to "see" the images that will fit this person.

It was my aim to capture the specific energy contained in the images I got to see this way, so it will enable the spectator to get directly in touch with this energy and with the messages these images have to tell and/or offer us. In this way my work serves as a permanent source of power, support and inspiration on our way to become who we really are.

While as a fabric artist being a self-taught woman, this way of working inspired by images from the non-physical world developed rather spontaniously as a result of the many courses and workshops I attended as part of my personal growth and intuitive and spiritual development.