Textielkunstenares   -   Fabric Artist  
Wallhangings in commission

I have mainly worked in commission. This is the procedure I used: I talked with the person who was considering to give me a commission and who has seen pictures of my work. I asked them to tell me something about themselves and/or about what is important in their life. While they told me about this, I listened carefully while concentrating on this person in front of me as well as on important images or symbols for this person. Most often I immediately "saw" the image/design and/or colors that will not only fit this specific person, but will also have precious meaning to them. I perceive these images as a simple form of psychic reading. When I see such images, I sometimes use what I see to ask a few more questions to ensure myself that I am on the right path. The beauty of the images that I get to see this way is always a surprise as well as a great delight to me.

The past years I worked in commission for people from The Netherlands as well as for people from The United States, Canada and Germany.
No new commissions

At the moment I don’t have time for new commissions.